The AI Copilot for your Content

informed is building the first bespoke & secure AI copilot for content and publishing.

What we offer

We help you integrate AI into your company, fast, reliable, and easy.

  • We advise you on your AI needs and possibilities

  • We offer AI masterclasses for your teams

  • We have built a bespoke tool that integrates seamlessly into your content production processes

Our Copilot

We help you get started quickly on your Gen AI journey.
Our AI copilot integrates seamlessly with your workflows to produce high-quality content with a low margin of error.

AI Masterclass

Do you want to know more about GenAI and how it can help you? Check out our masterclass and webinars.

About us

informed was set up in 2020. Our mission is to create better experiences around publishing and news. With the recent advancements in AI, we believe this technology will shape content in ways that have never been seen before. That’s why we want to build the best AI tools around safe, reliable and curated content that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Reach out

Reach out

AI Copilot

We will provide you with your own AI copilot offering:

  • a date-safe environment

  • outcomes based on your data and adjusted to meet your specific needs

  • software that can easily be integrated into your workflows via our browser extension, CMS plugins or our API.

Safe and Realible

We leverage your content to train safe (open-source) AI models and then adapt them to (reflect your style and) meet your requirements. Running on dedicated hardware gives you full control over your data, results and safety.

Automate your processes

With the informed copilot you can automate your content-creation processes. This covers everything from research and ideation (to paper) to producing articles and newsletters. The best feature is, we can easily adapt the copilot to your needs and requirements.

AI Masterclass

Through our experience of building digital applications, we know that training teams to use new technology isn’t always easy. That is why we have developed the AI Masterclass to introduce people to the world of Generative AI and show them how to safely and effectively use it to their advantage.

Learn for the Future

"AI won't replace your job, but someone who knows how to use it will." A famous paraphrased quote by Nvidia founder Jensen Huang that we agree with wholeheartedly. Make AI a core part of your skill set - and that of your colleagues - to prepare yourself for the future OR stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our in-person masterclass

You can request our 90min in-person Masterclass today for your team or your company. Transform your teams into AI experts, with an in-depth session on how AI works, prompt engineering, real-world examples and an overview of the best AI tools available

The AI Academy

We are taking it one step further and are in the process of building an online academy where you can learn everything you need to know about AI in your own pace, tailored to your needs. Sign up for our waitlist now.

Sign up

Sign up for the AI Academy waitinglist and stay up to date on when you can elevate your AI expertise with us.


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